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I was recently gratified to learn that I received a sufficient number of votes in the recent Evansville Courier’s 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards to be designated the “Platinum” award winner for “Best Attorney*” in Evansville.  First, I would like to express my appreciation and a heart felt “Thank You!!” to all of my present and past clients who took the time to cast a vote for me and/or Kinkade & Associates.  I think the actions of so many of our past and present clients in casting votes on my behalf is not only is an expression of confidence but also a subjective declaration that there are a lot of people in the Tri-State who appreciate the work we do at Kinkade & Associates and the personal service we provide to families in assisting them in rebuilding their financial lives.  Next, I want to acknowledge and thank the staff of Kinkade & Associates.  Each of them work very hard with me in assisting our clients.  I could not have achieved such a significant level of client satisfaction without the dedication and effort of each of the staff at Kinkade & Associates.

The vote of confidence of so many of present and past clients of Kinkade & Associates reminded me of the significance of the fact that month in and month out, nearly 50% of those who consult with an attorney at Kinkade & Associates are referred by family, friends, co-workers, neighbors or other professionals they come in contact with.  I believe that the reason for this is very simple and straight forward; once a client hires us our sole focus is the client and delivering to the client the individualized personal service necessary to provide the greatest possible opportunity for a fresh financial start.  From our first contact with you our only mission is to assist our client.  During your free initial in-person consultation with a local attorney we provide to a client a thorough and complete analysis of their current financial situation.  During the consultation a client receives personalized advice from an experienced Kinkade & Associates about your debt relief options.  Once a client hires us we work with the client on every step of the necessary process to prepare a case.  I personally oversee and I am involved with the work of every Kinkade & Associates staff person who will also work on a client’s behalf.  I personally stay in touch with each client and I am available to answer a client’s questions or address any concern that may arise.  We continue to provide personalized attention to a client through the completion of the case. I am always very appreciative when I see that a new client has scheduled a consultation with Kinkade & Associates as a result of a of personal referral.  I firmly believe that the greatest compliment a client can pay us is to refer to us their family, friends, co-workers and others we may be able to assist.  I also firmly believe that the compliment of a personal referral is validation that we not only achieved for that client the best possible outcome but that we achieved that outcome with the greatest amount of personal attention, compassion and professionalism possible.  I know our clients appreciate and value the level of service and excellence in service that we provide at Kinkade & Associates.  They are pleased to tell their friends and family about us.  I believe that the expression of confidence given by so many present and past clients in the recent Evansville Courier Readers’ Choice Awards further validates what we do for clients at Kinkade & Associates and that we serve our clients with an outstanding level of personal service.

Finally, a necessary disclaimer.  Notwithstanding everything stated above as well as my appreciation and gratitude, a final word about the designation “Best Attorney*.”  I am privileged to know and interact with many fine attorney’s in the Evansville area.  The overwhelming majority are not only skilled, talented and dedicated attorneys but fine people as well.  The entire profession of the practice of law in the greater Evansville area and the legal services provided to the citizens of greater Evansville are enhanced by the collective skill, talent and dedication of the attorneys in the greater Evansville area.  Regardless of the area of law  that you may need services in, you can find an attorney willing to provide a high quality of assistance and representation.  In comparison to my many skilled, talented and dedicated colleagues, there is no objective way to either make the claim or accept the designation of “best attorney*” and, so, in no way do I do so.  Although I do appreciate and I am very grateful for the vote of confidence and the expression of appreciation I believe can be fairly concluded from the vote of so many present and past clients on behalf of Kinkade & Associates in the Courier’s Readers’ Choice awards, I can only humbly leave it at that.

Very truly yours,

Kevin S. Kinkade,
Attorney and Counselor at law

Kinkade and Associates, helping families rebuild their financial life.

* The designation of “Best Attorney” is solely the label of the Evansville Courier used in conjunction with the method of balloting used by the Evansville Courier in it’s 2016 Reader’s Choice promotion and is not a claim made by Kevin S. Kinkade personally on his behalf or on behalf of Kinkade & Associates.

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