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Should I Consider Filing Bankruptcy?

Considering bankruptcy as an option is never easy. After all, no one wants to file bankruptcy if they can avoid doing so. As difficult as it can be to take that first step of contacting an attorney no one should make a decision regarding potential bankruptcy without thoroughly discussing their situation in person with an ...

The Benefits of Working with a Local Attorney

If you have been sued in court by a creditor or debt collector or if your home is in foreclosure you may receive a letter from an attorney or other type of firm offering to assist you.   It can be very tempting to seek help from these firms as a result of this contact. After ...

Home Foreclosure: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Potentially rescue your home from foreclosure and get back on track with your mortgage. Lets face it, the potential threat of you and your family losing your home in a foreclosure action is pretty scary. Most people have never received documents from a court which are clearly aimed at taking your home away from you ...

Top Ten Bankruptcy Myths

I make too much money to file for bankruptcy. The fact is that even high income individuals or families sometimes need the protection of bankruptcy. Although income is a factor in the type of bankruptcy an individual or family may qualify for, there is no absolute prohibition against high income individuals or families considering the ...
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