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The Risks hiring an Internet Lawyer


The Risks hiring an Internet Lawyer

The internet is a truly amazing thing that has transformed all of our lives in ways we could not have anticipated just a few short years ago. The convenience and speed at which information is available to us was unimaginable even ten years ago. As wonderful and liberating as the internet can be we all have learned, sometimes the hard way, that when it comes to personal service that is PERSONAL, the internet cannot compete with value provided by local professionals, especially when it comes to the practice of law. In fact, there can be some distinct disadvantages and even risks to relying on law firms who use an internet only approach to the practice of law.

To begin with it is important to recognize that learning your options for debt relief and from there potentially engaging the services of an attorney to guide you through the process of obtaining debt relief is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The decision on which attorney you will hire to entrust your financial future is the most important decision you will make to achieve relief from your debt. Simply stated, before entrusting your financial future to an attorney you should personally meet the attorney who will potentially guide you through the process of obtaining relief from your debt. I would urge any one interested in debt relief to not sell themself short by entrusting their financial future to someone located hundreds of miles away you will never meet. Don’t be fooled by an out of town law firm that shows a “partner” with a face on their web site who may be located near where you live. This type of “partnership” may be nothing more than an attempt to disguise the fact that you are entrusting your future to a “law firm” hundreds of miles away that spends most of their energy on marketing and internet advertising and does not value personal service in the same way an experienced local debt relief attorney will. Hiring a local attorney that supervises all of the work done for clients in-house and is accessible and personally invested in you is an advantage you should not give up.

The wonderful convenience of the internet and out of town service providers who attempt to attract clients “nationwide” in order to work for them in cubicles hundreds or thousands of miles away cannot possibly provide the same level of personal attention, service and access to an experienced bankruptcy attorney you will enjoy at Kinkade and Associates. The process of obtaining debt relief is not as simple and so easily accomplished that it can be properly done by telephone and over the internet. In addition, we don’t pay our staff on a commission basis to “sign people up” and then move on to the next caller. Because we are local, don’t pay salesmen a commission to “sign you up,” don’t market nationwide and don’t run our firm out of a “headquarters” in a city hundreds and thousands of miles away, we offer quality personalized service that delivers more value and a better experience for you and your family at a better price. The attorneys and staff at Kinkade & Associates invest in you and take the time to provide to you the highest level of face to face personalized service.

As a result Kinkade and Associates is dramatically different from a “nationwide” internet law firm. We are different in ways that are not only important to you but will make a real difference to you and to your family as we guide you through the process of obtaining debt relief. Lets look specifically at how Kinkade and Associates is different from a long distance “nationwide” law firm that you will never get to know and will never get to know you:

(1) We offer the opportunity to meet personally face to face with an experienced debt relief attorney who is local and cares about the local community and its people;

(2) We offer the opportunity to hire an attorney who is local, affordable, accessible and who personally gets to know you and your situation. We are not affiliated with a “National law firm” that “partners” with five hundred “local” attorneys and practices law over the internet by working for you from a “headquarters” hundreds of miles away. We do not charge you double the ordinary and customary fee you will likely pay with a “National law firm” that collects its referral fee for sending you to a “local partner.” This practice escalates your fees for bankruptcy to nearly double what you should expect to pay. The sales commission and payment for nation-wide marketing does not provide you with any value. You and your family need and deserve service that is local, affordable, accessible, focused on you and your needs and truly personal;

(3) As a local law firm we know the customs and practices of the local bankruptcy court and trustees. We have developed professional relationships with the Trustee that will be handling your case once filed. The quality of our work and personal service over the past 15 years of working with local Trustees and court personnel have earned us respect and the reputation for excellence that a “nationwide” law firm can never achieve;

(4) We offer the opportunity to hire an attorney who is personally involved in all aspects of your case and who personally supervises the work of all firm staff who assist in the development and the progress of your case. At Kinkade and Associates we are not simply a face on a web site you will never meet. We are not simply the face of someone who may or may not live and work in your city that you will only talk with for a few minutes, if at all. We are not simply a face that will never get to know you or make a personal connection with you;

(5) We offer the opportunity to hire an attorney to represent you in a local office where all of the work is done in-house and not by a commission based sales person in a cubicle hundreds and thousands of miles away. We don’t inflate the fees for our services in order to pay sales based commissions or to split fees with “partners” in an effort to make us appear local. We are local;

(6) To sum it up, we offer personal service that is truly PERSONAL. We do not believe in the impersonal internet only approach to guiding you and your family through one of the most important events you will ever experience, helping you rebuild your financial life! We believe that you and your family deserve and are entitled to much more than an internet only impersonal assembly line approach can possibly offer or deliver to you.

I invite you to give us call and set up a free initial in-person consultation with a local home town attorney. During your face to face meeting with an a experienced bankruptcy attorney we will get to know you and you will get to know us. At Kinkade and Associates we believe that the value of an opportunity to make a personal connection with a local bankruptcy attorney who is affordable, accessible, supervises all of the work in-house and cares about our community and its people is an important difference to you and your family that only a local bankruptcy attorney can provide. Why pay more and settle for less?

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